The Craft Shop & Tea Room

The Craft Shop & Tea Room is usually open from mid morning until mid afternoon as follows (please call (01687 462990) to check the exact times to avoid disappointment especially at quieter times of the year).

  • March & April - once or twice per week
  • May, June, July and August - everyday, including Sundays
  • September - most days, including Sundays
  • The Craft Shop is situated in the main settlement of Port Mor and during the summer months is the centre of activity for both locals and visitors alike.

    The food is homemade and locally sourced (wherever possible) including freshly caught shellfish from around the island. For lunch, homemade soup and a large selection of sandwiches, made from freshly baked bread, are available. For the sweet-toothed, there is an impressive selection of home baked cakes.

    Enquiries and reservations for dinner must be made in advance. Please tel: 01687 462990.

    A small selection of provisions are also available.

    There are also a large selection of original crafts, hand knitted garments and handspun wool, a selection of craft books, and cards of all shapes and sizes capturing the beauty of the local scenery.

    Please email or call tel: 01687 462990 for further information. craftshop